Team Size: Solo Project
Roles: Design, Programming, Art
Engine: Unity
BUZZY BEE is an endless runner where you play as a bee as you go about helping the pollination process.
This project was made for some friends of mine who wanted a game based around bees. I had a lot of fun doing the research (or beesearch) for this project as it showed me how important bees are. Through the research I connected with the role that bees have in the pollination process, and through that decided to make an endless runner.
Over the course of a few months, I made a prototype, and iterated based on the feedback received from several testers, eventually producing the final product. I also integrated a system in which players can alter different aspects of the game, from the speed of the stage to how far apart the obstacles are and even whether or not there were enemies. This system was integrated after feedback from the users indicated different preferences for difficulty.
BUZZY BEE is available for free through and on the Google Play Store
A design breakdown for this project can be seen here
Code snippets for this project can be downloaded here