Team Size: Solo Project
Roles: Design, Programming, Art
Engine: Unity
SOMETIMES is a small game focussed on exploring emotions through a collection of simple and short vignettes.
This project was made for myself as a way of exploring my own mental health journey and trying to express the feelings and convey how they twisted and melded together.
I initially concepted the vignettes based around the associated emotion, then prototyped each one. Based on feedback received I iterated or completely shifted the vignettes. Over the course of development I tested different visual styles and presentations to try and fin the best fit both for my skill and the themes present, eventually landing on the very simple 2D characters and elements present in the final product.
SOMETIMES was a finalist in the 2023 AGDAs for Excellence in Impactful Games.
SOMETIMES is available for free through
A design breakdown of the project can be found here